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We have #1 Myspace Utility / Bots / Trains Online to automate the Myspace game app process, Automatically do Missions, Bank Money, Fight, Heal, Hitlist and Much More! Our Bots are custom made for each Myspace game application and are updated constantly.

These are the most accurate programs available and less than the cost of any other program available online and for one low price you get to use all our myspace game bots and have them available for most of the popular game apps.(All software includes free updates/upgrades), and are 100% legal & virus free!

Need More Friends? Try our mobsters ‘SUPER ADDER” software or take a ride on some of the biggest Myspace Add Trains Online. “We are your #1 stop for all your Myspace gaming needs”

Want to advertise your band, or bussiness? Try our ‘EASY FRIENDS” software which will let you add friends from a certain browsed search, send comments, send messages & post bulletins every so often automatically.

Heroes: Knights of the realm
Small utility that helps you with playing the game all around.
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Mafia World Utility
Small utility to help you play mafia world myspace app
Myspace Downloads

Mobsters: Rise of the don
Small utility to help you play the game all around.
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Active Mobster Utility
This utility will login multiple myspace accounts in a sequence to keep your mobster accounts active also has ability to return energy to everyone. Few other options aswell to play with
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The little known program easy friends has become much more powerful with the newest update making it a far greater program.

Easy friends is a utility that allows you to browse Myspace for friends and auto add those friends.

The program lets you narrow your search and add the friends you want adding up too 400 a day (Myspace limit).

Auto update status message and give it a random mood, auto except friend requests from others (no limit), post bulletins, messages and comments automatically on timers.

The update allows you to delete messages and comments that you consider spam by filtering for key words that you have listed.

An example would be if you wanted to delete any message with the words "your friend needs help", suddenly those annoying mobsters messages will be gone.

The program will now auto browse for new friends and auto start the process of adding those friends.

Also realizing that captchas are a problem, the near future updates of this utility will include auto captcha input which takes some preparation.

Some sample screenshots

We also have the best trains out there that offer you over 300-500 incoming friend requests a day to build your game crew/mobs quickly or to just have a billion friends if you're friend happy. to begin using the trains you can use the navigation menu at the very top that says trains and select your application/game that you use.

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